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A growing and increasingly important sector for Find New Business is supporting training providers in identifying and finding new client companies willing to take advantage of the funded-training opportunities available. We have a great track record of working with numerous projects offering training and development courses supported, for example, by ESF funding and were very successful in finding the companies willing to participate.

Increasingly we are now helping Government-backed organisations and training providers involved in helping companies develop their staff through the apprenticeship levy. What we do is exploit our brilliant data resource to identify and contact companies likely to be interested in the developmental course opportunities for their young employees (and some older staff too) and qualify these into key appointments with eager decision makers for our clients’ teams to close into booked courses. We do a simple thing – present you with slam dunk opportunities and remove the anxiety of finding new business opportunities.

We are ISO 9001 accredited so you can be reassured by our quality processes and our dedicated CRM system loaded with 1000’s of lines of up-to-date market intelligence. As well as management and apprenticeship training and development, we also have, as you can see above, extensive expertise penetrating the Health & Safety, Data & Technology, Building & Facilities Management and Energy & Environment sectors. So we are well-placed to represent you in approaching businesses across a wide spectrum who contribute to the levy and who are yet to take advantage of it. We know the levy is a hot potato with many business leaders but we are skilled at convincing them to bite on the opportunity. So if you are targeting businesses, we can seriously help your contact and close performance and get your training courses allocated successfully.

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