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Service or software provision is a major part of our economy according to PwC, one of the biggest professional services firms they make up 15% of UK GDP, 14% of employment and 14% of exports. Find New Business have extensive experience in delivering sales opportunities to organisations to help build their New Business Sales Pipeline. We work with cutting edge Software Providers that help to make businesses more efficient, more compliant and save them money. Examples include Construction and Building Design, New Marcoms provision, HR offerings, E Learning Training, Animation programmes, IT support and many more sectors within our professional services specialism.

Professional service firms exist in many different industries, they include lawyers, advertising professionals, architects, accountants, financial advisers, engineers and consultants, among others. In essence a professional services organisation offers customized, knowledge-based services to clients often backed up by a technology offering.

Some professional services require holding professional degrees and licences and they are regulated under legal guidelines. We have years of experience of supporting organisations that have to demonstrate their professional credentials that may well set them apart from their competition. Typically we would only choose to work for a fully qualified and accredited organisation to maintain our professional standards of work on behalf of highly credible organisations.

Do you have a Professional Service ‘value proposition’
that needs expert presentation?

FNB have worked with complex, difficult to articulate value propositions and have a tried and tested On-Boarding methodology that breaks these down into powerful pitch deliveries.

We can work across all industry sectors throughout the UK and Europe making highly qualified appointments for MD’s and Senior Managers as well as qualified sales professionals that know the value of a “needs identified” meeting with your “ideal client”.

Are you ready for new business?

 It starts with a conversation.

You are possibly an SME or well funded start up, or you could be a multinational global organisation turning over £billions — we have worked for all types of businesses over the years.

If you operate in the B2B space and focused on one of our key market sectors — that’s where our speciality is.

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