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Your position

The Find New Business process

Your position

You may have experienced telemarketing agencies in the past and been bitterly disappointed with their performance. Many of our clients tell us this. But Find New Business is different. You won’t get hollow promises from Find New Business.

Meet us and you’ll get to see that we have a deep understanding of the sales process.

You’ll like our sincerity and strong sense of commitment. We won’t fail you.

We understand your position and sense that you are checking us out now because you probably:

  • don’t have the expertise in-house to generate sufficient numbers of high-quality leads;
  • or your people struggle to make killer appointments with key decision makers;
  • or maybe the presentational and sales-closing skills of your lead team are poor;
  • and you probably have a genuine concern about your lack of any decent marketing especially if your social media activity is weak and your website looks out-dated and uninspiring.

The outcome from all of this is that your financial performance is probably flat-lining.

Simply put you need more business. And we can deliver quality leads and highly-qualified  appointments for you.

The Find New Business process

Our approach is to meet you to get to know all about your brand and business so we can fully analyse and understand your products/services, target audience, key aims plus your capabilities and issues. The output is your plan – a recommended series of actions to get you on the path to business growth.

1- Onboarding

The first task though is to have a comprehensive on-boarding session with you to allow us to fully grasp your target market and ideal prospects, wider business objectives and growth goals. Most importantly, we also need to establish how your existing data matches up against our CRM intelligence and identify any gaps. More often than not we find that your data capability is non-existent or very thin or badly out-of-date (and therefore unusable).

2 – Source, validate and work the data

Using our team of highly-skilled agents we undertake some outbound fact-finding activity to validate your existing data records to verify that contacts are still relevant, also to gain a strong understanding of what your existing customers are looking to gain from you and finally to identify the most appropriate and likely prospects based on your product/service offering, target audiences and business objectives.

Sometimes we are asked to find lots more customers like the ones you already have. At other times we are asked to identify new target prospects to match an innovation in the product/service offering.

Our next task is to create your dedicated data pot crammed with the best contact information we can find and constantly refine that data through ongoing fact-finding research to qualify the intelligence until we are confident the data is valuable ie targetable on your behalf.

3 – Define strategy and deliver results

We then work with you to put in place a contact strategy (which could involve multiple communications strands) and ultimately a dedicated telemarketing campaign to nurture the leads until we can convert them into well-qualified appointments with key decision makers and business specifiers, for your team to capitalise on and convert into firm orders.

Are you ready for new business?

 It starts with a conversation.

You are possibly an SME or well funded start up, or you could be a multinational global organisation turning over £billions — we have worked for all types of businesses over the years.

If you operate in the B2B space and focused on one of our key market sectors — that’s where our speciality is.

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