The impact of the general Data Protection Regulations.

All of us have seen an upsurge in companies that process our personal data asking us to update our privacy choices and agreeing to new terms in respect of data control. This is a result of companies GDPR activities.

Our ongoing commitment.

To ensure that Find New Business Ltd is legally compliant with the new GDPR, we have spent a considerable amount of time and energy ensuring we and our clients are fully prepared for these new regulations.

What did we do?

GDPR is not simple, but it is logical. With our partner data, database and other providers we have created the necessary framework along with the required detail to be able to meet the challenge. Find New Business can evidence the operational processes that will keep us all GDPR compliant.

We have set out our own and our clients position with respect to Data Controllers and Processors along with the contractual obligations that we both now must meet in respect of personal data collection and processing. We have set our lawful basis for data processing along with the statements and tests required by law for every campaign and each and every line of data that we execute in pursuit of our clients goals.

How did our existing process fare?

Our unique methodologies used in identifying ‘ideal client prospects’ for our campaigns and the delivery via our sales methodology the ‘customer transition’ has stood us in good stead in meeting these new obligations.

What about our clients?

Find New Business clients can rest assured that while working with us, we and they operate at the highest level of GDPR compliance achievable.

Our existing and prospect clients have responded with amazing feedback to our work on GDPR’. To quote one of our clients responding to our own data controller, “it makes complete sense and your work is very much appreciated”.

Well done to our data controller – our very own Mr Jack Bayer!