Building a successful marketing campaign will largely depend on the data acquired and used in the campaign. But where should you start? What should you look for and why? It all comes down to the ‘ideal client profile’… And clients start off as prospects!

Thinking you know who your ideal prospect is great, but can you define it?

Tom Whelan, Director at Find New Business Ltd talks you through the process they go through to prepare an ‘ideal prospect’ data brief what they define and how.


Hello, my name is Tom Whelan, I am a director here at find new business and I have operational responsibility for the company and in particular I look after the data and the databases for the company and our telemarketing campaigns.

I have been asked to talk to you about how we identify our customers ideal client prospect.

We would normally do this in a workshop environment and together with our customer we would workshop out who are the organisations they want to target and why?

From a campaigning point of view and a data point of view it really boils down to three main things;

  1. Firstly what ‘industry sectors’ are we looking to target, what industry sectors do these prospect companies inhabit, what are the industry descriptions and or classifications.
  2. Once we have been able to identify what sectors we will be looking to, we need to settle on an ‘organisational profile’, in other words how do we target companies, by size, by revenue, perhaps by employee numbers, maybe they are multi-site, maybe they are head offices only or perhaps a particular geography, national, international or maybe more regional.
  3. Once we have that data, our agents then develop that data by reaching out to those companies to establish who is ‘the person we need to be talking to’, what responsibilities does that person have in relation to our clients value proposition and this is really a crucial part of it, this is data we can’t really buy.

Our agents then engage with that particular person, present our clients value proposition to them and where there is a need, an established need and a willingness to talk about how our clients value proposition can improve their business or change their processes for the better then we will arrange a meeting between our customer and that prospect and that’s how we do our ideal client definitions.