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ISO 9001

ISO 9001

We hope you can be reassured by the fact that FNB is a compliance-led business. In fact FNB was the first telemarketing agency to be ISO 9001 accredited which means that our data management processes are constantly monitored and externally audited and verified through UKAS approval procedures. We are delighted that our accreditation has been recently re-confirmed for a further 12 months.

We are very proud of this achievement as our ethos is ‘quality over quantity’. Our Quality Management System ensures that we constantly have in place the correct process and procedures to ensure that our clients are consistently delivered qualified appointments. Our telemarketers are fully-trained not only in sophisticated sales and intelligence-gathering techniques but also to know your industry sector inside out. This means they can nurture high-quality leads and once ready, translate them into super appointments with key decision-makers/budget holders/order placers. For information about our quality data management processes follow this link.